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Full Screen doesn't work on Mac OS after drawing a shape

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  • Bug Full Screen doesn't work on Mac OS after drawing a shape

    I have the newest Foxit Reader version as of now ( and I actually must switch away from it, as it is unusable in the current state.
    My OS is Big Sur 11.4.

    When I open a document I almost always read it in full screen mode, as I like to hide distractions and my screen is small (13.3" macbook screen).

    I open/exit the full screen with Cmd+L shortcut, but it is also possible to enter through menu bar > view > Full Screen.

    As it is impossible to draw shapes (e.g. underline some text with red line) in full screen mode, I exit full screen, draw the line and want to go back to full screen, but then it's impossible.

    The shortcut doesn't work anymore and the button in the menu bar > view section is greyed out.

    I have to close the application and open it again to enter full screen - this is absolutely a deal breaker. After doing this for a couple of hundred times I must say enough is enough.

    I will try to download older version of the software as I don't remember having such a bug before, but if it doesn't work I will have to switch to some other tool

    Really a pity as otherwise I quite like the app and I enforced it in my company.

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    mcaay ,We apologize for the trouble. This issue has been submitted to our internal bug tracking system for our QA team to do further analysis with report ID#MACLNX-10680. For your current workaround, please help to make sure to close the right panel firstly prior to clicking on the full-screen icon again to enter into full-screen mode.
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      Was this problem solved ?


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        This issue was fixed in V12.x, you may download V12.x from Foxit website test it . FYI