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Cloud preventing foxitreader from closing and installer/plugin stupidity

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  • Cloud preventing foxitreader from closing and installer/plugin stupidity

    Foxit cloud (plugin?) prevents FoxitReader process from fully closing for me. This has serious consequences as then one can not open another document before the process has been killed manually (unless you specifically allow multiple processes).

    Everything works nicely if I uninstall the cloud (plugin?) with the uninstaller in the Foxit Cloud directory. I don't need it, so that doesn't matter, but it's insane to have to do this manually especially since the program won't properly work without doing so.
    If the installer provided a proper menu of choices, I'm pretty sure I would have left many plugins uninstalled and perhaps installed some that aren't included by default. (For example, looking at the plugin directory, I see what looks like a facebook plugin and some IntegrateWithSP plugin, whatever that is. Why would I want those? How do I remove them? I don't need a speech plugin either. Then again, JPEG2K and eastern language support probably wouldn't hurt.)

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    I have the same problem with it not closing. I have to go to task mgr every time and close foxit sessions. How do I uninstall the cloud plugin you mentioned? Is that the fix?


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      To uninstall Cloud Reading plugin, you may just go to 'Control Panel'->'Add/Remove Programs'.

      If you don't want facebook plugin or IntegrateWithSP plugin, you may simply browse to the installation folder of Foxit Reader (by default, it is "C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\plugins") then delete corresponding one of them.


      This closing issue relating to Cloud Reading plugin has been fixed in current internal version. So it should not exist in the next formal release of Foxit Reader and the version number is 6.2. Thank you.