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Notes closed and displaced each time a PDF is closed

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  • Notes closed and displaced each time a PDF is closed

    Hi all,

    I use Foxit Reader 10.1 (32 bits) on Windows 10 to take notes directly on the PDF of the lesson during my classes.
    Until a few months ago, the notes I created would stay open and wouldn't move when I closed and reopened a PDF file. But now, my notes are systematically closed, and I have to re-size them and put them back in the right place one by one each time I open a PDF file I have previously annotated.
    Could you tell me how to keep them as they were when I close, please?


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    Please go to File->Preferences->Commenting->to change the setting o f"Ensure that pop-ups are visible as the document is scrolled" and see if it helps. If not, I would encourage you to upgrade to version 11.0.1 and see if it helps. You may also download a new setup package from Foxit website to install and see if it helps:

    Thank you.


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      Upgrading to 11.0.1 solved my problem. Many thanks.
      That's another subject but do you know how to get a dark theme/skin in this new version, please? I am talking about everything but the actual PDF document i.e., the sidebars, tabs, etc.



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        Konilo , Thanks for your response. I am sorry that Foxit PDF Reader V11 doesn't provide multiple skins for user's choice anymore, so we cannot get a dark theme/skin in the new version.
        Regarding this situation, we have submitted the suggestion "Provide multiple skins for users' choice" as a new feature request to our product management team's reference with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-15673.


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          Lisa_lee Thanks for your response. Indeed, it seems like a regression. I hope we will have this feature back in the next version.



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            Konilo , A new dark color scheme has already been redesigned and it will be implemented into our next minor release version 11.1 of Foxit PDF Editor. You may keep an eye out for the new release by subscribing to newsletters of Foxit PDF Editor releases from the bottom of Foxit homepage.

            Click image for larger version

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              The options for Skins on Foxit is ZERO. Seriously White or Black, such imagination. As a consultant when I assist companies I ALWAYS suggest Foxit as an option for PDF read and your other products as required. Now the White Skin, you simply cannot see the Minimize, Restore and Close markers in top right corner, let alone the Ribbon options, and Black - uck. All a touch 1980's fellas!


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                CanberraChap I'm sorry that you encountered the ribbon bug from Foxit PDF Reader, which has been reported to QA team for checking and will be fixed in next version. Could you please try below workarounds and see result?
                #1, Change Skin. Please go to File menu>Skin>select Dard then re-select Classic. Finally, check result.
                #2, Delete registry. Please open Regedit Editor and go to path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Foxit Software\Foxit PDF Editor 11.0\Preferences\Skins , delete it and restart Foxit to see result.
                #3, Repair Foxit. Please open Control Panel and go to Program, right-select Foxit PDF Reader and repair.