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Foxit Reader fails to open when trying to view a PDF

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  • Foxit Reader fails to open when trying to view a PDF

    For only the second time ever, Foxit Reader (version 2.3 build 2923) opens, and instantly quits, when trying to view a PDF document.
    This is easily fixed by upgrading to a newer or the latest version of Foxit Reader. Note: This does not happen when using other PDF viewers.

    Being somewhat compulsive about knowing what happens on my computer, I'd like to know if anyone knows exactly why this happens?
    Is the earlier version missing a particular file, or requires a newer one to work properly? I tried downloading some of the available add-in files but no change.

    I do appreciate those who will answer that I should just upgrade and be happy, but I would really like to understand what is going on.

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    Oops! Forgot the crashlog (if it helps). CRASHLOG.TXT CRASHLOG.TXT


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      Hi Darkrats,

      Could you please kindly let us know how to replicate the issue? Did it occur to any PDF document or just a particular one? Please send us a copy for testing purpose. Thank you. If it is inconvenient to post here, you may email to [email protected].


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        I discovered that it was the first page in the publication that was causing the trouble. I extracted that page and sent it to you by email. Hope you can tell me why that particular page causes Foxit Reader to shut down. The remaining pages all open okay. I wonder if it's caused by the kind of software that was used to make the PDF.


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          Thank you for the email. May I have the ticket number please? Thank you.


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            The ticket is #255465.

            I got a reply from Foxit by email, but it appears they only tested the page using version 6 which, of course, had no problem opening the document. I wanted to understand why it could not be opened using an earlier version (2.3). Any opinion you might have would be appreciated.