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Foxit reader not showing correct font (but only in my pc)

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    Made an account to try and help out with this issue. Someone mentioned before the "Alien League" or "alien5.ttf" font being the issue which I believe to be the case here as well. The problem I found was when I went into the font folder at "C:\windows\fonts" Windows seems to open it's font viewer (In Windows 10 at least), which didn't really show the all the files in that folder. In my case I could not see any Alien League font or alien5.ttf in the font folder with Windows Explorer.

    However, if you use a different file-browser you can see all of the files in that folder. For this I used "7-Zip File Manager", navigated to "c:\windows\fonts" and deleted alien5.ttf.
    You can also check to see if that file is in your fonts folder by entering "c:\windows\fonts" (without quotations) into the address bar of your web browser, however you cannot delete it from the web browser, for that you will need a filebrowser like 7-Zip or TotalCommander.

    Also, this isn't just a Foxit issue but something that can affect Windows in general, going off of this Microsoft Answers page

    Hope this helps
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      I've performed the clean install of version 12 ( and the problem still exists. Nothing has changed.

      After reading the article posted by sippin, I checked the registry, but the fonts are correctly installed. ALIEN5.TTF only exists with the correct name and Arial is also mapped correctly:
      "Arial (TrueType)"="arial.ttf"
      "Alien League (TrueType)"="ALIEN5.TTF"
      I continued testing. Here are the fonts in Adobe Acrobat (independent of the fonts installed):
      Click image for larger version

Name:	adobe_fonts.png
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Size:	24.4 KB
ID:	189651

      In Foxit with Alien League in C:\Windows\Fonts the font is used instead of the correct one:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	foxit_fonts_alien.png
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Size:	32.2 KB
ID:	189650

      As soon as I move ALIEN5.TTF from C:\Windows\Fonts and restart Foxit the fonts are displayed as follows (still wrong using Arial Bold instead of Arial):
      Click image for larger version

Name:	foxit_fonts_arialbold.png
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Size:	32.4 KB
ID:	189649
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        sippin conte.carli

        Thanks for your update. I've updated your feedback to Foxit internal bug tracking system with a new Report ID#QCPHANTOM-30510 for the engineer's further investigation. We'll update here when there's further update from the QA and Dev side. Thank you.
        conte.carli Is it possible to share us with the file you could reproduce the issue in version 12.0? Thank you again.


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          Is it possible to provide us the ALIEN5.TTF and corresponding font file and the PDF document you could reproduce the issue with so we could further investigate? Our engineer downloaded the alienleague.TTF and tested on our side and cannot reproduce the issue. Thank you again.