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Cursor when annotating in Foxit Reader (Windows)

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  • cherry
    Hi Dominik,

    Thanks for your post. Could you please kindly send us following info?
    1) For the cursor change problem, could you please kindly make a comparison screenshot of the cursor in Foxit and Powerpoint so I could better forward your suggestion to PM team for processing?
    2) The "Show Menu bar" is not available in ribbon mode, you may try to switch to Classic mode, then choose pencil in full screen to input. You may go under 'File'->'Change Toolbar Mode'->to switch to 'Classic Toolbar Mode'.
    3) It's not supported to draw outside of a page. If you need more space, you may try to resize the page by reprinting the document to Foxit PDF Reader Printer with a larger size.

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  • Dominik
    started a topic Cursor when annotating in Foxit Reader (Windows)

    Cursor when annotating in Foxit Reader (Windows)


    I am new to Foxit so maybe this can easily be fixed: The main reason why I would like to read Foxit instead of Adobe Reader is that Foxit supports annotations. I am using a Stylus/pen to draw on the screen of my notebook and realized the following

    * First of all, Foxit really works well regarding annotating -- I am really happy with this.

    However, there is some improvement potential:
    1) The cursor changes to a pencil when I click the pencil button -- I find this pencil however pretty annoying. Powerpoint instead shows just a small dot in the color of the annotation. That is much easier and not as confusing as the pencil cursor
    2) Foxit doesn't let me annotate in full screen -- that however would be really great!
    3) I cannot draw outside of a page (e.g., when I have a comment and need more space than there is on the PDF... I think this is not easily resolvable because of the PDF format, but maybe still worthwhile raising

    Would be great if there was a solution to these "issues" -- in any case a great piece of software!

    Thanks a lto and best rgds,