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Scroll bug or PDF printer?

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  • crash Scroll bug or PDF printer?

    I continue to use Foxit's version which was the last version to include the Foxit PDF printer. Unfortunately, that version has the "scroll bug" which causes the program to freeze and crash from time to time when simply scrolling from the first page to the next. What this means of course is that I've got a kind of a devil's choice. Either I lose the printer capability (which I use every day!!) or live with the bugs that have apparently been fixed in subsequent versions of the software. There must be a lot of us with this dilemma.

    Is there any means you folks know of that might allow us to update the software to fix the bugs but retain the printer? It's the one hitch I have been unable to get around with Foxit so far.

    Foxit is definitely my favorite PDF software, an invaluable tool for an underpaid, overworked teacher. I wouldn't be asking if I didn't love it. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.

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    Please try the following and see if it helps:
    1) Please go to File->Preferences->General->check "Disable all features which require internet connection";
    2) Please go to File > Preferences > General, check the option “Disable ConnectedPDF Features”, click on Ok to apply the change;
    3) Please go to
    Help > Foxit PlugIns > click MenuBall then click Disable;
    4) Did you install any backup software like "Acronis"?

    Thank you.