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Why does the hand tool behave strangely for some pdfs?

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  • Why does the hand tool behave strangely for some pdfs?

    On most pdfs, the hand tool changes into a text selection cursor when hovering over text. This is generally useful, although it would be nice to have the option to force the hand tool to remain a tool for navigation.

    However, on some pdfs, the hand tool acquires a down arrow symbol when hovering over text, rather than changing into a text selection cursor. I don't know why this only happens for some pdfs, although it seems to typically happen with academic research articles for some reason. I also don't know what this variation of the hand tool is supposed to do, but when clicking it causes the view to wildly zoom in and out, and jump to other parts of the document. It doesn't seem very useful.

    Does anyone know anything about this issue or how it can be resolved? Thanks!
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    In case anyone else comes across this, by messing around with preferences I found that the behavior of the hand tool that I described above can be turned off in Preferences->General. Uncheck the option "Make Hand Tool read articles". Also, I didn't realize it before but unchecking the option "Make Hand Tool select text" can force the hand tool to remain a navigation tool even when hovering over text. Thank you to Foxit for giving us control over this behavior!
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      It is goods that you have found the solution for the case, yes, there is an article added in your pdf file, so you get the arrow pointing downwards inside it.