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pdf is displayed too small in Linux version

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  • pdf is displayed too small in Linux version


    My first time on the forum, usual Foxit is quite perfect .

    My system: Linux Xubuntu 20.04
    My Foxit: Foxit Reader

    Since any time the pdf's are shown in the width smaller than suspected. If I use another pdf viewer like Atril Documentviewer. the pdf is correct.

    In the attachments you can see the difference between both. The left one is normal, the right one with Foxit and smaller.

    Who has any idea what the reason can be?

    Thanks for an reaction.
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    May I have your view setting? Let me collect more information and submit it to our develop team for you.


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      Roy_Chen Thank you for your reaction, but which setting do you need exactly?


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        I mean like fit width, fit page, and single page, continuous, etc.


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          Roy_Chen Thanks for explanation. I will check it this evening.


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            Roy_Chen I have checked, the problem has in all possible zoom functions the same w/h ratio. Even when I rotate it, the page is too long in relation to the width.


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              Already submitted it to our develop team as report id#MACLNX-10099, I will forward an update the moment I have it.


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                Roy_Chen Thanks!


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                  Hello Roy_Chen , Is there yet any solution?


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                    I think the issue happens when you are using the dual monitors or more, please disconnect it to see if it helps.

                    Actually the version2.4.4 does not support the dual monitors so you get the issue.

                    And we have forwarded your request to our team, maybe in the feature version, we can support dual monitors.


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                      lyndi_wu Thank you for your reaction. I work with two screens. But disabling or pulling out cables doesn't have any effect to the wide of the pdf.

                      In past it wasn't a problem.

                      2 questions:
                      1. Is there any planning to solve the problem?
                      2. Can I find anywhere an older version where it was working correct? (because in past it was working well, also with 2 screens)


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                        You may perform a fresh reinstallation of Foxit Reader with main screen only to see if it helps.
                        Foxit Reader for Linux2.4.4 is an oldest version which was not maintained any more, the system requirements for the version are only the below.
                        Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 ~ 16.10
                        Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.x (64-bit) ~ 7.x
                        SUSE 12 Linux Enterprise Server
                        OpenSUSE 13.2
                        OpenSUSE Leap 42.x

                        Please let me know the version number of your older version you may need, I will try to find and share with you. Thanks.


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                          Originally posted by lyndi_wu

                          Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 ~ 16.10

                          I use (X)Ubuntu 20.04, can that be the problem?


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                            Thanks for your update. It seemed to be irrelevant with the OS version number. The issue has been reported in supported OS as well. I've updated your OS info to Internal Report ID#MACLNX-1513 for further investigation.

                            Our existing Foxit Reader for Linux has already been discontinued. Our Dev team have stopped implementing any new features/capabilities or releasing new version that includes the fix of non-security bugs for the existing Foxit Reader for Linux.
                            Anyway, we have also submitted the issue you mentioned to our product management team and suggest our Dev team develop a brand-new version of Foxit Reader for Linux to be a substitute version of current one.

                            For now, you may try with the Foxit PDF Editor Cloud which requires no installation, you could use it as long as you have a browser installed, in regardless of the OS you're using.
                            Foxit PDF Editor Cloud:
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                              Thanks for reaction. I hope they decide soon.

                              But for the moment I found 2 very well alternatives, Okular and PDF Studio Viewer 2021
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