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Notes/Sticky Notes Not Saving Text Formatting/New Lines

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  • Bug Notes/Sticky Notes Not Saving Text Formatting/New Lines


    This is a re-post to ensure my question is in the proper area of the Forum (originally posted here).

    I am utilizing Foxit Version: and I am experiencing the same bug as described in a previous Forum Post, but in regards to the notes/sticky notes functionality. A way to mimic this is if you create a note and add text, then newlines, and then more text, save file, close the file/reopen, and view the note, all newlines will be removed and only text/spaces will remain. This also has been removing any formatting in a note that was generated from another PDF viewer and already existed in the file.

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    This is a known issue and already submitted your information to the report list of QCPHANTOM-27624, it is of the highest priority and we will do our best to implement it as soon as possible. I will forward an update the moment I have it.