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Using a tablet with pen functionality

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  • Using a tablet with pen functionality

    I have a Microsoft Surface tablet with a pen and I was wondering if it is possible to be able to draw with the pen and navigate the PDF with my fingers without having to change tools.

    Currently if I have the hand tool selected I can navigate the PDF with my fingers but the pen will also navigate the PDF instead of drawing. If I switch to the pencil tool I can draw with the pen but then if I use my fingers, they will draw lines instead of navigating the PDF.

    I am using Foxit v11.1.

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    Normally, with the pencil tool selected, you are able to navigate the file to next page with fingers by clicking the buttons in the Status Bar(see attachment), so may I have more detailed descriptions of how you navigated the PDF?
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      The majority of PDFs that I am viewing are technical drawings and diagrams which are high resolution and have fine details. When navigating I do a lot of zooming in and out as well as panning around on a single page. I do see the buttons that you are referring to for navigating to another page but for my usage this does not help.


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        Thanks for your feedback. I've escalated your comments to Product team for processing and hope this could be added to the to-do list soon. Internal Report ID#: PHANTOM-15165. Thank you.