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Foxit Reader doesn’t open files but tries to write them out instead

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  • Bug Foxit Reader doesn’t open files but tries to write them out instead

    Operating system: Windows 10, latest version
    Foxit Reader version: (latest update and plug-ins)
    Default settings for opening a PDF: Foxit Reader

    Since for about a week or so Foxit Reader will not open PDF-files when I’m trying to open them directly (left-clicking the file or right-clicking the file and choosing to open it with Foxit Reader). Instead, it will try to WRITE the file (document) out.
    When using the pop-up menu in Windows activity bar the only option for using the PDF-file is to write the file out – NOT to actually OPEN it. It’s just doesn’t work.

    The only way to open a PDF-file (using Foxit Reader) is to open the file from within Foxit Reader, which makes the use of opening PDF-files with Foxit Reader quite unuseful.

    Somehow this could be interpreted as if the problem is caused by Windows, or that Foxit has not updated the software to work with the latest Windows 10 version.

    This problem had occurred before (a year or so ago) and because my use of PDF-files at that time wasn’t that big I just ignored the problem, or when I really had to use a PDF (with Foxit Reader) I opened it from within Foxit Reader. After some weeks the problem was gone, and I suppose it was related to an update of Foxit Reader.

    Nowadays my use of PDF’s are greater so I’m looking forward to get this bug fixed. In some way…

    Kind Regards,

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    ICIT Can you please provide detailed information for checking? thanks in advance.
    1. Please make screenshot picture to show the "Right-click" menu, and what's the first option?
    2. Instead of Foxit Reader, what's application invoked and opened PDF file?
    3. Can you please double-check the default PDF viewer from Control Panel when issue occurred?


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      Hi Amanda.

      Thanks for reply.

      As you can see from the screenshot in the pictures:

      1. Foxit Reader is the default PDF viewer
      2. Right-clicking from the Activity Field only gives the option "Skriv ut" (Swedish for "Print"). (The third option "Egenskaper" is the Swedish term for Properties and opening this doesn't give any new options to handle the problem, neither gives any other solution).
      3. Right-clicking the file from Windows Explorer gives a couple of options to open the file. When choosing Foxit Reader it immediately starts the printing process of the document (i.e. without first open the file/document in question (with Foxit Reader)).

      As to your question: "Instead of Foxit Reader, what's application invoked and opened PDF file?":

      Normally I doesn't use any other PDF-viewer/reader than Foxit Reader (have not done so for years). But now, when it is impossible to open a PDF-file with Foxit Reader from Windows Explorer (regardless if you left- or right-clicking the file), right-clicking the file from the pop-up menu in the Activity Field - or even clicking at PDF-links in other documents - it will only start the print process as described above, I use Adobe Acrobat instead, which will open the any PDF-file without any problems at all.

      So the question remains: Why doesn't it work to open a PDF-file with Foxit Reader?
      (As mentioned above, the problem might have been caused by the latest update of Windows 10 - it was about the same period of time as when the problem with Foxit Reader started.)

      Kind regards


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        ICIT Can you please refer to the page and try?


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          Hi Amanda!

          Thanks a lot!
          That solved the problem (PDF-files can now be opened with Foxit Reader in any way I want) ☺

          Funny i didn't get any hits when searching your database with about the same wording.

          Anyhow, problem solved (and the same solution will handle it in the future, should it ever happen again)!

          Kind Regards