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    I've been using (and loving) Foxit pdf reader for the past year. I have some suggestions which would improve my - and hopefully others' - experiences with it:

    1) May I suggest that the Format tab (i.e. the tab used to change color of text typed using Typewriter function, change line thickness for Pencil function, etc), is put back on the ribbon rather than popping up on the right side of the screen? It used to be on the ribbon when I first started using Foxit, and in my opinion that was much better. Popping up on the right shifts the pdf from the center of the screen, and I find it especially annoying when using Foxit on split-screen mode since it eats away from a lot of the window's space.

    2) I seem to have found a BUG also - it happens when double clicking on an existing text box in order to edit its text, and also when dragging and moving a text box. More often than not (for some reason not always), the textbox loses all its line breaks and enlarges in size so as to fill the whole width of the page. Meaning that every time I want to edit text in a text box or move a text box, I have to resize it to its previous shape and separate my text into paragraphs all over again.

    3) May I suggest the creation of a tool that will insert new blank pages in a pdf, and another tool that can delete pages from an existing pdf?

    Thank you

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    Before we are talking deeply about those issues, may I have your version details first?
    1. This feedback can be collected to our product team as report id#PHANTOM-15688, will update here asap.
    2. This is a known issue that has been fixed, and it's included in a new version that will be released soon, please pay attention to it.
    3. The feature you mentioned above can be achieved with Editor, which needs to call a feature "Foxit PDF Editor printer" to run the process. But since v10, Foxit reader printer was removed and could not do the same as Editor, so far, Reader doesn't support any page organize function. Hope you understand.


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      Hi I also was struck by that bug.
      Another Bug (maybe related) is that if in your text note there is a & symbol and click outside and then inside the text everything after and including the & will be lost, or if you resize the note, etc...

      Good to hear that these bugs are being worked on, hopefully this one as well.


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        The another bug is also known issue that the symbol breaks typewriter textbox comments(case#QCPHANTOM-28812), we will fix it asap.


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          Thanks for your reply. My current version is Version:, as far as I know should be up to date.

          Thanks again


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            foxituser Thanks. For line breaks issue,it will be fixed in next version of Foxit, which may released a few months later. Can you please keep eye on Foxit? Sorry again for the inconvenience.


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              amanda_liang Sure, will do, thanks.

              Would also appreciate if the suggestion regarding the placing of the Format tab is considered please.

              Thank you so much


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                foxituserr ,For the issue "symbol breaks typewriter textbox comments(case#QCPHANTOM-28812)", it has already been addressed in the English language version of Foxit PDF Editor V11.2. However, there is no Version 11.2 for Foxit PDF Reader. For Foxit Reader, the issue is scheduled to be fixed in the next major upgrade version 12.

                For the format panel, actually, we have already improved the format panel working mechanism since version 11.1. If you are using Foxit PDF Reader version 11.1,you will find that this format panel could be closed perpetually for the same type of tools and it won't automatically pop-up again unless if you choose to reopen it again. To know how to turn on the format panel again after you close it, please refer to this article.

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                  Thank you.

                  Since latest update (now using Version: issue regarding line breaks has improved. Occasionally when I click to edit a text box the issue crops up again, but it's nowhere near as prominent or annoying as it was before.

                  If I may also suggest the addition of keyboard shortcuts to edit text formatting (e.g. Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, etc), would be great please.



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                    Originally posted by foxituserr View Post

                    If I may also suggest the addition of keyboard shortcuts to edit text formatting (e.g. Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, etc), would be great please.

                    It has been forwarded to our PM team for future evaluation, suggestion ID:PHANTOM-16739, hope it will be considered in future release.