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Issue Resolved: Unable to "save" or "save as" pdf- filename does not exist.

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  • Issue Resolved: Unable to "save" or "save as" pdf- filename does not exist.

    I wanted to inform everyone, in case they encountered the same issue. I've noticed a running theme with issues saving files in Foxit programs when I was researching the issue, and thought perhaps others might be dealing with it as well. The theme seems to be that first there is a windows update, and then there is an issue saving files in any of the Foxit programs.

    Within the past couple of months, I had been having issues saving PDFs in Foxit. The system dialog box would tell me that there was no file with that name and ask me to double-check the file name and path. As I was saving new files, I did not expect, nor want there to be a file with that name (although there was once or twice that even updating a file was unable to be done). Up until now I had to use workarounds to get any work done.

    I am using Windows 10 Pro, recently updated to version 21H2, although this issue seems to have happened on the previous couple of updates as well. As it turns out, Windows Defender had decided to start blocking Foxit from making any changes to my documents, but didn't notify me of the blocks until recently. I went into the block history and it indicated that this has been happening for a few months, both with the Foxit update attempts themselves, as well as with saving the actual files to my documents. I had to add Foxit to the list of apps allowed to make changes. Oddly, I haven't had this issue with any of the other apps on my computer, but the saving issue seems to be a windows issue as opposed to a Foxit one.

    If you want to check on your computer, the folder can be found in the "Windows Security" menu under "Virus & threat protection" and then under "Ransomware Protection". The "Controlled Folder Access" would be toggled to on for this to be the issue. (Apparently, this is a simple issue of windows defender mistaking Foxit as a ransomware.) You can check "block history" to see if Windows Defender has been blocking Foxit. If it has, you can go to "Allow an app through Controlled folder access" and choose to "+ Add an allowed app" it will give you the option to search all apps on the computer or to allow a recently blocked app. You should be able to find Foxit both ways to allow it through. To differentiate if you use the recently blocked apps list, the Foxit temp files seem to be the update attempts, whereas the app itself is the document save attempts.

    Hopefully this will prove helpful to others.

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    Ang , We highly appreciate that you could share the issue and the workaround for us. Before we forward this issue to our Foxit security team for further checking,we need your help to provide with us the following information:
    1:Do you use our Foxit PDF Editor or Foxit PDF Reader?
    2:Please go to "Help"tab>"About Foxit Software"to check its version number.
    3:Please take some screenshots in your windows defender to show us the messages that windows defender mistaking Foxit as ransomware.

    Look forward to your reply.


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      First... we had to adjust some other settings as I had started to have other issues as well since Microsoft had done an update which impacted a lot of aspects of my computer. As it turns out, after we did the update, the info under the previous security actions became more clear and I now understand that the block was because of the Windows update and the issues regarding that. However, the workaround that I had applied earlier prevented these issues from applying to FoxIt even as they persisted on other parts of my computer. As such, the screenshots do not match the perceived reason behind the issue as I explained it previously, even though the fix still works. Hopefully the information is still relevant.

      1. I use Foxit PDF Reader.
      2. Version:
      Click image for larger version

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        Ang ,Thanks for your response. We have forwarded the issue about windows Defender blocking Foxit to our Foxit security team( [email protected]) for further investigation. I have also provided them with your forum registered email address,they will follow up on the issue through further email communication with you,