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Extract to mapped drive (save failure)

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    We have already attempted this step in previous conversations with you. You provided instructions on how to proceed to troubleshoot these issues. And like I said previously it did not work for us.


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      Thank you for your update. As you said, so the network connection between your computer and network driver is working well, and the issue just happens to Foxit, not to any other program, like Word, Edge, even at the moment Foxit running into the saving error, is it right? Can you always reproduce the issue?

      I have reminded our team to fix the issue asap, any update, we will keep you posted.


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        Foxit is fully up to date on Jamie, Heidi, and Deb's computers. I tested each using the instructions provided by the tech, and nothing changed. They are not currently having issues saving directly from Foxit to the mapped network drive. This is an intermittent issue as per my observations. I am only saving that for the moment. Please either provide me with a solution or our money back. I have exhausted the troubleshooting efforts up to this point.


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          you are all very negligent on this matter.


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            psantamaria ,Our QA team have been trying to simulate different environments locally to replicate such issue as you menitioned.However,they still failed to reproduce it yet.
            Therefore, the investigation on this problem has entered a relatively difficult stage.
            At present,we still need your help to provide us with the following information:
            1: You have mentioned that "windows 10x64 bit for all office computers".Does that mean that all users who encountered this problem don't access Foxit PDF Editor on server environment,they just use a personal standard computer with Foxit PDF Editor installed on windows 10x64 operating system?
            2: What kind of network drive you are having and how network drive is connected to user's computer (via adding a location from a server as a mapped driver in computer)?
            3: Please help to check with your IT department to see if there are any security policies set that may cause our Foxit PDF Editor to have no permission to write PDF document to network driver?
            4: Please refer to this forum post to see if the problem you encounter is also caused by that "Windows Defender blocking Foxit"? If yes,try to solution mentioned from that forum post.
            5:At the time when you encounter this problem again, please try to check whether other applications (such as MS office) can save as file to network driver successfully?
            6:At the time when you encounter this problem again, please help to save a newly created blank PDF file into a newly created folder in your network driver to see if it will be save succesfully by doing the steps below:
            1):Go to "File"tab in Foxit PDF Editor>"Create">"Blank" to create a blank file.
            2):Please navigate to your network driver to create a new blank folder.
            3):Open go to "File">"Save as" in Foxit PDF Editor to save the blank file into the newly created blank folder.
            Thank you in advance for taking your valuable time to gather the requested information for us.