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Highlight tool automatically deselected after every highlight

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  • Bug Highlight tool automatically deselected after every highlight

    Hi everyone,

    has anyone else encountered the frustrating bug where the highlight tool switches to the hand tool, after EVERY highlight. I've had this problem since yesterday and I tried restarting the computer but the bug remains. I'm on the latest version ( Anyone knows what to do so that the highlight tool remains selected, as it used and should be?

    By the way, is there a way to disable the highlight tool colors popping up after every time it highlighted something? Once I select the color I want, I do not want to have to click on the screen again so the annoying color selection window goes away.

    Thanks a lot everyone!

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    DesertCat Thanks for reaching out to us. To keep the highlight tool still selected after each use,please click "highlight" then check "keep tool selected" under the Comment menu.
    For the highlight tool colors,do you mean the mini-toolbar which provides some circle colors there? If yes,I am sorry that there is still not any way to disable it and we have submitted the suggestion "disable the mini-toolbar (highlight circle color) for highlight tool" as a new feature request to our product management team's further consideration with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-16414.
    In addition, when using an annotation tool in Foxit PDF Reader, the Format panel will be opened by default on the right side. But once you close the panel, the option will be recorded by the software, and next time you use an annotation tool, the Format panel is not opened. When you need to reopen the format panel again,please refer to this article.

    Any further questions or concerns,please contact us again at any time.

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      Thank you very much Lisa_lee, I guess I accidentally deselected the "keep tool selected" button. Fortunately, it works again, thanks a lot! And yes, I did mean the mini-toolbar. I see why for some it would be useful, but it is really annoying if one only wants to use one color (or does not switch very often between color) but has to constantly click away the action. I would love to see an option to disable that in the future. Thank you again ☺