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Foxit mobile reader crushing.

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  • Foxit mobile reader crushing.

    The reader is crushing randomly and it is giving a error. " Out of memory and recovering".
    The pdf file I am having problem with is 69 mb and around 6000 pages.
    I am using the Foxit mobile version on LG Thinkq cell.

    Thank you.

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    Thank you for posting it. Would you mind submitting a ticket from Create ticket to provide us below info so we can forward to our team for further investigation? Thank you.
    1. The version number of FoxitMobile Reader you are using.
    2. The file sample you mentioned, you can upload it to cloud like dropbox or google drive since the file is big and share us the download link.
    3. The detailed operation steps that caused this crash.
    4. A screenshot of the error message indicated.