I installed Foxit reader as admin user and it worked as expected. Then I logged in as another non-admin user and now the program asks everytime if I want to make it the default application. It asks again and again at each opening, even if I open the program as adminstrator and confirm this in tis mode also. The file association is also broken and the program is not offered in the list of possible applications for pdf opening.

I know I can force the file association by entering manually the program path, but I remember I have done this once and the associated pdf file icon became different than the pdf file icon from admin account (it became orange with white text instead of white with orange text) which may confuse users accomodated with the admin style icon graphics. This is also not the "normal" file association method as imagined by the program authors.


(Win 8.1 64 bit, default tablet reader deleted first time the account has been created)