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Cannot Print Any File - "The current printing driver is not available"

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  • Cannot Print Any File - "The current printing driver is not available"

    Reader Version:
    OS: Windows 10

    Whenever the Print option is selected from the menu, Foxit immediately has a pop-up that says "The current printing driver is not available. Please reinstall this printing driver or choose other printing drivers!" before getting any opportunity to even select the printer to use. There is no issue printing to the available printers from any other program, this is isolated to just FoxIt Reader.

    Steps taken:
    • Stopped/restarted printer spooler service
    • Applied all available updates to Foxit reader
    • Uninstalled/reinstalled Foxit Reader
    • Uninstalled Foxit Reader, deleted all relevant registry keys for the program, purged all data from program files and local user appdata for FoxitReader, reinstalled, ran all available updates
    • Restarted PC
    Since you can't call in for live support on Foxit Reader and there's no existing knowledge base article for this issue, this is my last hope for finding any resolution before ditching Foxit Reader. Any and all assistance would be appreciated.

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    sabrooks Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please try below methods and see result? Any question please feel free to let us know. Thanks.
    1. Can you please replicate the issue, then please open system task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) to find if there is "splwow64.exe" process running under the "Details"tab.
    If yes, please end it manually then restart Foxit Reader and try to print again to see result.
    If no, please start "splwow64.exe" manually and restart Foxit to check result.

    2. Please try to change the default printer to a different one and see if it helps. (Control panel -> device and printer)