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How to disable alt-image text that automatically pops up as the mouse pointer moves

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  • How to disable alt-image text that automatically pops up as the mouse pointer moves

    I'm sorry for the convoluted title, but this is the best way to describe the "issue" I've been having. Here is what I mean:

    Click image for larger version

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    It appears on those PDF files generated with images. I tried enabling/disabling every setting I thought was relevant but to no avail. Please, can you help? It's stupendously annoying.

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    Could you help to confirm below information to debug the issue? I fail to replicate the situation in most recent updates.
    1 Are you using Foxit PDF Reader? If yes, what is the version number?
    2 Which tool did you select and then get the the pop up?
    3 May I have a sample file for testing?


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      Of course. Thank you for the response.

      1. Yes. The latest version:
      2. It's the hand tool. Whenever I move it across the page and stop, that pop-up appears. As I said, it only comes up in PDF files generated with images.
      3. Attaching the PDF file. 1213022.pdf


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        foxitfoxit Thanks for the info. After checking the pdf file, I found those images have set alternative text, which will be displayed when you hover your mouse over the figure to help you understand the figures better.
        If you would like to change them, can you please install Foxit PDF Editor? ( Foxit PDF Reader is PDF Viewer only.) Then select "Set Alternative Text" under Accessibility menu to edit them. Attached picture for reference, thanks.
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          Thank you, appreciated.