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Option to collapse (hide) headers, footers, and white space?

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  • Option to collapse (hide) headers, footers, and white space?

    In Word, I can change the view so that I don't see the headers, footers, or white space ata the bottom of a page. Can the Foxit reader do that?

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    Have you tried the Reflow button?


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      Originally posted by wind_wu View Post
      Have you tried the Reflow button?
      Do you mean Reflow in Acrobat Reader or Foxit?

      I have tried it in Acrobat Reader. It's probably the worst setting if all. All formatting is lost and none of the images are displayed.

      If there is a Reflow option in Foxit, I haven't tried it. I don't have Foxit installed. I am trying to find out if it will do what I need better than the Adobe reader. I don't like to install software until I am confident it will work. My Registry is screwed up enough already.

      I am also trying to see how active the support forum is. So far, this one seems very inactive. That's a big minus for me.


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        Cynthia Moore Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any question of Foxit, can you please submit a ticket to us at website support center? thanks.
        To collapse (hide) headers, footers, and white space like Word, may I know do you want to edit PDF or just view? For editing, can you please have a try on Foxit PDF Editor Pro? Which supports "Reflow Editing" and all text will reflow automatically in pages in the document as you add or edit text content. For much detailed instruction, please refer to User Manual. Thanks.