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New Tabs Design doesn't show Stacking Tabs

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    With the new Design, which is.... not to discussion right now... you can't see when you have more tabs open!

    check this Picture: 2 Tabs open? No! 7 Tabs open. You would never have guessed.
    Click image for larger version

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    Thats not how it should be right?

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    Haldi,We apologize for any difficulty using Foxit Software. Would you please help to check if you have set big tab size for document tabs? Please click on "File"tab>"Preferences">"General" ,then check the Max Tab Size option there to see how many points you have set for it. Please choose to set a smaller tab size there (for example,set it into 100 points) to see if will help on the issue that you mentioned?

    Any result,please let us know.
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      Lisa_lee The same problem as OP stated. The Foxit version:, Win10. The provided workaround helps somewhat but not fully. Setting tab size to 100 (it is minimum by default). After changing the size of tabs got smaller and showing more documents but not all opened docs. You still have to use the triangle drop down list to acces all opened documents, or to enable document change by mouse wheel.


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        ssb147 We could use Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab to switch between the tabs. After setting tab size to 100, how many tabs can be shown without expanding the triangle drop down list on your side? Is it possible to provide a screenshot of the problem? Thank you.


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          Could someone to shrink this image to smaller, I rookie in this forum.
          ​I have opened 15 documents but with 100 tab setting, the maximum tabs are 10 which is shown. I remember that in older FoxitPDF versions, the tabs would shrink after some tabs number, but would be showing maximum opened documents. Once I have opened the 50+ or so documents, and tabs got realy small, so to be able navigate would dropdown list or the wih CTRL-TAB shortcut.


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            ssb147,I am sorry that it seems that you didn't upload image successfully on your post,I don't see any image.

            The existing version 12.0 of Foxit PDF Reader really has the following new issue arisen:
            ************************************************** **********************************
            If we open multiple pdfs files(about 10 or more pdfs) and work on them, the tabs do not open in the right position.For example,
            the most recently opened tab should always be on the far right by default.However, when multiple pdfs were opened, the most recently opened tab was located on the leftmost side.
            In the previous version, the first pdf opened was always pinned to the left, and subsequent pdfs were placed on the right in the order they were opened and the first pdf file the user opens is always pinned to the left.
            ************************************************** **********************************
            The above-mentioned situation is a known issue in V12.0 (Its report ID is #QCPHANTOM-30419), our R&D team have already implemented a new internal version (sprint261) for fixing this issue.
            And the fix is scheduled to be applied to the next minor release version 12.1 of Foxit PDF Reader ,the V12.1 is planned to be released at the end of this year.
            I have sent an email to ssb**** to provide you with the internal version,please help to check your inbox to give the internal version a try and let us know how it goes on your side.

            Last edited by Lisa_lee; 09-11-2022, 01:10 PM.


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              Lisa_lee, first of all thank you for your time and support. Hmm I'm new to this forum, but when I selected to upload image, I could choose between two sources: outside i.e. from other website which is hosting images, other options to upload image to forum's internal server which is quite good option, the later I've picked. As I posted the message I could see what I uploded, but is strange that others can't see. So for the simplicity I uploded and shared the image in the Google drive -->

              And thank you for the upcoming the fix info, very valuable work. I've got your message and downloaded, installed the updated version with fix, and it simply works as I expecting. The thabs are shrinking and there's no problem to see 20+ or so opened documents at once. The most recently opened document always is far right, and the oldest far left. Without this fix the order was that you have wrote - in simple words - some kind reversed. But in overall the expected option is working very well!

              P. S. The second try upload an attachment i. e. picture in the post.
              Click image for larger version

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                ssb147, Thanks for reverting to us with the good result. We suggest you keep on using the internal version for getting around the tabs issue before the official version 12.1 release.
                I will keep you informed again by sending an email to ssb**** once the official version 12.1 is launched.

                For the uploading image issue on our existing Foxit forum,I am afraid that our Dev team won't make any changes/improvements for it anymore since the existing forum will be discontinued very soon and will be replaced by a brand-new forum. Thanks in advance for your kind understanding.