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History cleared and Restore Last Session does not

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  • History cleared and Restore Last Session does not

    The "Restore Last Session" seems to periodically lose the documents that were previously loaded. Further, the history is cleared from the startup page. I suspect that the history does not survive version update.

    I am using FoxIt Reader on Windows 7. It was not too much of a problem because I would use the recently opened file list in the Windows 7 jump lists but these entries were also cleared.

    I am interested in purchasing PhantomPDF but I am reluctant without these features. Please advise.

    Update: I figured out that the recent files are stored in the registry (\\HKCU\Software\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader 6.0\Recent File List). So, it makes sense that the recent files are not preserved between major updates. Yet, I could not identify the history list so I suspect it is saved on the file system somewhere. I wonder if the browser plug-in might be clearing the list.
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