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Foxit PDF Reader 12 and Applocker

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  • Foxit PDF Reader 12 and Applocker


    I am using Foxit 12 and I am using Applocker to prevent unauthorized apps from spawning.
    So the path Foxits Executable is marked as executable, the App is starting, but anyways I get the typical blue Applocker Error screen telling me an app is being prevented from launching.

    Is Foxit trying to spawn a process or executable upon start which is not located in the foxit directory in programfiles?

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    matthias.stukenberg Can you please submit a ticket to us and provide detailed information? then we will forward the case to Security Team for handling, thanks.
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      this is due to the Foxit Updater which, of not disabled, tries to run itself from the userspace (it is running in appdata under user folder starting foxit). As I like the auto update functionality, running it in userland is a very bad idea.


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        matthias.stukenberg,Thanks for informing us the cause of the applocker Error you received. For your current workaround,you may choose to disable the Foxit Updater by referring .to the article below:

        Concerning your feedback"running Foxit updater in userland is a very bad idea",I have submitted the suggestion " change the directory of Foxit Updater.exe under system-specified location rather than the user-specified location" as a new feature request to our product management team's reference with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-7447.

        Any further questions or concerns,please contact us again at any time.