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Bookmark incompatibility

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  • Bookmark incompatibility

    The new version 12 of ipad and android are still not cross platform compatible with the Windows version. Bookmarks made on windows become outline in the iPad and Android versions. Bookmarks made on Android and iPad seem to be lost in the windows version. I have attached a file that documents this. The bookmarks on iPad and Android versions are not compatible with Adobe Acrobat either.
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    Would you please let us know with which tool and which PDF Reader did you use to add the bookmarks on your Android or iPad? Which version of Foxit PDF Reader/Editor you used to open from your Windows PC? What is the Model info of your iPad and the OS info of your iOS? Thank you.


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      Hi, I created the pdf by saving or printing as pdf fromMS word.
      I added bookmarks using:
      Windows 11 Version 10.0.22622 Build 22622: Foxit PDF Reader,
      Android Galaxy S20+ Model SM-G985F/DS, Android 11: Foxit PDF Editor
      iPad Pro 9.7inch, MLMX2LL/X, Foxit PDF Editor


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        Grant837 Thanks for the info. I've made test as the description and got fine result. All bookmarks (created from Foxit PDF Editor Windows and IOS version.) can be shown correctly. Can you please provide sample file, detailed steps for further checking, thanks in advance.
        If there is any privacy info, can you please click here to submit a ticket to us? Thanks.


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          amanda_liang Are you creating bookmarks on Windows, and then opening it on iPad iOS and adding a new bookmark? And then looking at the final document on both Windows, and iOS (and Android)? I am quite sure you will see that bookmarks made in Windows show as Outline on iPad iOS, and Bookmarks made on ipad iOS (and Android) will not be found back in Windows

          I have attached a new document, that includes the steps I followed, but here they are again:
          Create PDF using Word, Save as PDF.
          • Create Bookmark using Windows Foxit Reader, and save
          • Create Bookmark using iPad Foxit PDF Editor, and save
          • Create Bookmark using Android Foxit PDF Editor, and save
          • Check that all Bookmarks are listed as bookmarks in
          o Windows
          o iOS
          o Android
          • Confirm results using Adobe Acrobat Reader
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            Grant837,I think there is still some misunderstanding about the bookmark panel and outline panel. Let me elaborate on it now:
            In windows platform,we could only see the bookmark panel in Foxit application and Adobe application,there is no outline panel in windows application.
            The "bookmark panel" panel that you could see in windows will be displayed as "outline” panel in Foxit PDF Editor Mobile application.
            So we have always added/edited on the "outline panel" to add or edit outlines in Foxit PDF Editor Mobile application if we want to make those outlines to be portable and could be displayed in the "bookmark panel” in Foxit or Adobe application on the windows platform.

            Hope the above explanation makes sense.
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              Lisa_lee I am pretty amazed you find it logical that bookmarks made with Foxit on one platform, are not also seen as bookmarks on another platform. Is that not unnecessarily confusing and error prone? Can you explain what lead you to this approach, just so I have some insight?

              In any case, I know now, and will try to remember that if I want to make bookmarks that I can see on the windows platform, that I should create an outline on another platform.... sigh.


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                Grant837, Thanks for your response,it is really confusing since our Dev team don't use the uniform name for the bookmark panel on different platforms. I have submitted your feedback to our product management team's perusal, the report ID is MOB-5593.

                Any further questions or concerns, please contact us again at any time.


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                  Lisa_lee Ha! Thanks!

                  That is why you do not let developers take the lead on design (UX).... ;-)

                  I would love to be able to share with the world that you are the only cross platform product that has bookmarks that are both compatible with Acrobat, and consistent across platforms. I have seen, via my search for the ideal product over many years, that this is something that is desired by many potential users!
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