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Any way to ensure the ribbon is collapsed on startup?

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  • Feature Any way to ensure the ribbon is collapsed on startup?

    Ever since v12 (on Windows, if that matters), as I recall, upon starting Reader I find that the ribbon is displaying:

    Click image for larger version

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    So what I do is double-click the word "Home" and it collapses. If I need something from the ribbon, I simply click one of the headings, use the item, and the ribbon auto-collapses.

    All is well...until the next time I run Reader, when the ribbon is expanded by default again. If there's a default setting for this in Options, I haven't found it.

    This feature is obviously patterned after Microsoft Office, but it doesn't have this quirk.

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    I followed your instructions to double-click "Home" to make the toolbar collapsed then I reopen the software and the ribbon is collapsed by default, I could not reproduce the issue on my side in Win 10 Pro.
    Would you please let us know your OS info and use your phone to record the problem to send to us so we could escalate the issue to QA and Dev team for taking a closer look at and better advise? Thank you.


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      Win11, but that's not why since I've been using that for a while and this only started with v12. I tried it in Sandbox (a VM) and it doesn't happen, so I guess it's a setting. I'll try resetting Reader's settings to see if that fixes it, since in a quick compare between my settings and default settings nothing obvious jumped out. I even tried changing some of the ones in the VM to how I usually have them set, but the problem didn't trigger.


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        cherry Figured it out, sort of. While a clean install of it was good to do, that wasn't the problem, but it did help me realize what was.

        Certain PDFs when opened cause the toolbar to expand if it's already collapsed (try opening a variety of PDFs that you have and I'm sure you'll see this). That's the problem. Because if you have one of those open AND have the "Restore last session" option can imagine what happens the next time you start Foxit. Because the type of PDF I just mentioned opens by virtue of "Restore last session," so does the toolbar.

        So, it's not a startup problem at all, it's a PDF opening problem with certain PDFs.


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          rseiler Thanks for the update.


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            When I am in a Word doc and want to, e.g., change the font, I have to click on Home, then font size. Afterwards, the ribbon disappears. If I want to do any other formatting, I again have to click on Home.
            When I first started using Word in 2010 Starter, the ribbon was always visible; I would like that again.
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              enriturleft4i That's a different issue, but I think if you double-click on Home it'll be in a mode where it's always displayed rather than what you're seeing, which is a kind of auto-hide mode. The Office I have lets you do what you're talking about without the ribbon though, since when you double-click what you want to change a floating ribbon comes up near what you're doing. This is independent from what you're talking about.


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                rseiler ,In V12.0.0 and V12.0.1 of Foxit PDF Reader and Foxit PDF Editor, when we collapse the ribbon,but the Ribbon will automatically expand again when another pdf file is opened. This is a known issue which has been submitted to our internal bug tracking system with report ID#QCPHANTOM-30418. This issue will be arranged to be fixed in our next relase version which is V12.1. And we have implemented an internal version (sprint258) which has already addressed the issue. If you want to give the sprint 258 internal version a try,please help to submit a ticket request to our Foxit Support team from our ticket submission center (input Attn Lisa in ticket subject).Please kindly note that it is just an internal version for your testing purpose,so please never distribute it to others.


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                  Lisa_lee Thanks very much! I'll just wait out the next public version, that's fine. Note that not all PDFs do it, just some (maybe most though).