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Continuous scroll not workings - jumps to next page

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  • Bug Continuous scroll not workings - jumps to next page

    I'm trying to find a resolution to the problem where even when default page layout is set to continuous in preference, scrolling jumps tp the next page. Only happens in some documents. I've attached one where it happens. Happens at all zoom settings.

    I'm using:
    Windows 11 Home :: 21H2 build 22000.832
    Dell Laptop
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    I can't reproduce the issue as described, would you please take a small video for us?
    Also, please check below settings to see what effect the page layout display on your side.
    Home Override Page Display settings under Accessibility tab in Preferences. Check have you set the Continuous as expected.
    Forum If Home works fine, please check Restore last view settings when reopening option under History tab in Preferences, make sure the file you have closed in Continuous instead of other layouts and it has been checked.
    #3. Initial View settings in File->Properties
    Blogs Default Page Layout and Zoom options under Page Display tab in Preferences
    The display priority order is 1>2>3>4.