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Signatures pixelized in V12.X

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    For work, I often have to sign PDF documents with my signature, and luckily Foxit PDF Reader in previous versions provided everything needed. Therefore, I scanned my signature, converted it into a vector graphic of WMF type and finally saved it as a small PDF file with a white background.

    Under Version 11.X, this signature was inserted and displayed correctly according to the original, provided under Options the checkbox "Convert signature to black and white" was not checked.

    In version 12.X, on the other hand, signature will always be displayed severely pixelated, regardless of whether the "Convert signature to black and white" option is enabled or disabled.

    In the signed PDF anyone can see at first glance that the signature is an image that was added later.

    This effect forced me to remove V12.X and re-install V11.X instead.

    Don't know if that's a bug but I would appreciate if V12.X would - at least at this point - perform the same way as V11.X did before.

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    We apologize for any difficulty using Foxit Software. Would it be possible to have this signature for internal testing? Appreciate it.


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      For obvious reasons I regret being unable to submit the original signature. Instead I made a sybolic one with the same characteristics that should be sufficient for your internal testings - if not, please let me know. Sorry for my reply being so badly delayed... SymbSig.pdf


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        ...and here's a PDF illustrating the effect: Sample.pdf


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          Please accept our deepest apology for the delay in responding to your request.
          Our develop team said that we did do something on Fill&Sign on v12, and those adjustments may occur this error, also, they told me that in v12.1, this issue should be fixed, could you please try our beta version to see if this issue still persists? Please check here for downloading.


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            Thanks for your support, but I've got good and bad news...

            Good one is, the problem discussed previously doesn't persist.

            Bad one is, we've got another instead: After inserting a signature, V12.1 doesn't show it any more in the document. Still, I can select a signature from Reader's signature palette, then enter passwort and see signature's preview instead of the mouse pointer (by the way, there it's still pixelated heavily!). After placing it into the document, however, the only thing I see is its empty selection frame that allows for resizing and right-click applying. After clicking "Apply Signature", frame vanishes and leaves a blank space.

            Guess develop team needs to have another look on their code while I'll return to V11.X again.


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              Thank you for taking the time to try the version.
              It's a beta version our team uploaded it for some particular bug fixed including the one you have encountered, and they still get a lot of work to do before release. So let me take feedback for the package and will update here when the Official version is issued, hope the new update will run as your expected.