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Signature rotates in Foxit PDF Reader

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  • Bug Signature rotates in Foxit PDF Reader

    We have updated our version from 11 to 12 recently and noticed that when I apply a signature to a rotated document that the signature rotates to the original state.
    So for example:
    - A document in scanned, but upside down.
    - The document will be rotated 180 degrees.
    - The signature will be placed, but is now upside down.

    I have reinstalled version 11 and the issue does not happen. When I apply a signature on a rotated document the signature is not upside down.

    Is this a known issue?

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    Sorry for the trouble. As per testing, we are unable to replicate the issue. Could you provide us below information to debug?
    1 Version of your operating system.
    2 A sample scanned file.
    3 Could you record a short video or .gif file to show us your process that can replicate the issue?
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      1: Windows 11 21H2 build 22000.795 (the issue is on W10 as well
      2: It doesn't matter what document it is. In the video I have a test document
      3: Signature rotates in Foxit PDF Reader on Vimeo


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        MelvinK, Thanks for providing us with the required information.I noticed that you are using the Foxit PDF Reader application rather than the Foxit PDF Editor application. In Foxit PDF Reader application, we could only rotate the PDF view temporarily and the rotation cannot be saved into the PDF document at all. When you just temporarily rotate the PDF page from the view, no matter how you rotate it to 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or 270 degrees, the signature would be automatically rotated accordingly, in line with the angle at which the page is rotated. Any version of the Foxit PDF Reader (including the V11) works the same way. If you switch back to V11 and give a try again,you could download it from this link below.

        Just so you know: To rotate PDF page physically and then sign "Fill&Sign" signature which is not upside down,you use our Foxit PDF Editor application which could be downloaded from this page,it will give you 14 free trial days. In Foxit PDF Editor,please go to "Organize"tab>"Rotate Pages">"Left"/"Left" to rotate pages,then go to "Protect">"Fill&Sign" to place ink signature into the rotated page,you will find that the newly inserted signature is inserted in normal direction ,it is not upside down.

        Any further questions or conerns,please contact us again at any time.

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          Lisa_lee The title of this thread already mentioned that this is about Foxit Reader. What you are saying is incorrect. V11 works the way you describe how the editor would behave on rotations.

          See my video where I perform this action in V11.1.0.52543:
          Your link to the V11 you provided in your post doesn't work, so I used the previous version we used before we updated to the new V12 version.


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            Melvink,I am extremely sorry for my careless mistake,I only tested in the V11.2 and V12.0 last time, not in versions prior to V11.2.This is why I didn't realize that it was possible for "fill&sign" Signature to remain in non-rotation mode when inserted it into a view rotated page in Foxit PDF Reader V11.1.
            The current mechanism "apply a fil & sign signature on a view rotated document the signature is upside down in Foxit PDF reader v11.2 or greater versions" should be an issue triggered by the newly added "Foxit eSign" feature in the Foxit application.
            For now, the current situation "Apply a fill&Sign signature on a view rotating document the signature is upside down." has been reported as a bug to our internal bug tracking system already,
            its report ID is#QCPHANTOM-30640, and I have given priority to this case and reminded our QA team to work on it.

            Any new progress on this issue, I will get back to you again.


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              Lisa_lee Do you have an update for me what the current status is?


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                MelvinK The issue is being checked by our team and has not update for now. When there is any update, we'll inform you at once, thanks.


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                  amanda_liang It has been more than a month now. Is there still no update?


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                    MelvinK Sorry for the inconvenience. QA team has checked the issue and found the issue was caused by different workflow since version 11.2. We've reported it to R&D team for further checking, any update will inform you, thanks.