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Problems with number of opened PDFs in current Version

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  • Problems with number of opened PDFs in current Version

    Does anyone else have problems with the current version (12) when opening many PDFs? Whenever I already have about 6 open, and open more, one that is already open disappears. As if they were simply overlaid by the new one. Or is there a limited number now?

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    Bellis1312,Is the issue that you mentioned the same to the Bug【1】 mentioned in this thread?If yes,the report ID for this issue in our internal system is#QCPHANTOM-30419. For the existing tabs ordering situation, it is actually a new feature that our project team specifically proposed and added to version 12.0. When there are already mutiple documents opened and the tab bar has no more space on the right corner to display new tab,the tab of the newly opened PDF file will be displayed on the most left in order to make it easy for the user to see the TAB bar corresponding to the newly opened file at a glance.
    However, we have received negative feedbacks about the new feature from some of our users,they are very confused and not used to this new feature.Therefore, we have collected all of the negative feedbacks to our Foxit PDF Editor Project team and suggested them switch back to the previous tabs ordering working mechanism as soon as possible in the Version 12.1 release.
    Once there is any new progress about this request,I will inform you again.

    If I didn't understand the issue you mentioned correctly,please help to rephrase it in more details with some illustrated screenshots provided.

    Look forward to your reply.