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  • clickable links not working

    I printed a web document using Foxit Reader PDF Printer, but the links contained in the printed document are not clickable. I have not been able to find information to retain clickable links when printing a file. I have version 6.1.4. In past versions the hyperlink url would work. Not being able to retain links in PDF documents is a deal-breaker for me.

    Your help is much appreciated.


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    I'm confused by this, how can something printed be clickable?


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      I am having the same problem. Dear watto - if you "print" a pdf, you get an electronic pdf document that should have clickable links in it.


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        Hi All,

        I've forwarded this request as suggestion to PM team for processing. Suggestion ID#: PHANTOM-425. For your current workaround to convert web page into PDF's with clickable links, I encourage you to copy the whole web page into Word, then click on "Create PDF" button in Word to convert it into PDF's.


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          I have quite a lot of word documents that have internal hyperlinks to bookmarks within the document.
          You click a paragraph bookmarked in the document's table of contents and jump to the paragraph. (This works very nicely in Foxit.)
          The paragraph may refer to somewhere else: a hyperlink to a bookmark within the same document. (This works perfectly in Adobe Reader, but not at all in Foxit.)
          These documents are then converted to pdf for distribution to clients. (I use LibreOffice Writer as word processor.)
          I recommended Foxit to my clients, but am now ashamed. I need to change that to Adobe.

          These pdf files work perfectly with Adobe Reader, but not with Foxit which I very much prefer over Adobe. But the inability to use these hyperlinks, makes Foxit unusable for me. I will therefore unfortunately have to use the huge invasive Adobe program till Foxit catches up. Please inform me when that happens. Switching back and forth between two pdf readers is not a good option. I therefore have to choose.
          Goodbye for now. I now have to use an Adobe home instead of a comfortable Foxhole.


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            Hi Herklaas,

            Could you please provide a copy of the mentioned word document for testing purpose? Please also let us know which version of LibreOffice you're having. Do you have a "Create PDF" tab in your LibreOffice? If it is inconvenient to upload here, you may email it to [email protected]. Thank you.


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              Do not print to PDF. Save As PDF.


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                or use the addon in the browser to convert to PDF. Printing flattens it.