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How to sync PDFs across devices?

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  • Feature How to sync PDFs across devices?

    Hi everyone,

    is there a way to sync PDFs across devices, i.e. I downloaded a PDF on my PC (and am logged into Foxit PDF Reader) and want to use the same PDF that I editted on my PC using my Tablet without downloading it from somewhere? So far I always had to drop the PDFs in Google Drive and then re-download them from my tablet. I wish they were synced like a Google Doc.

    I don't know whether such a feature exists, if so please tell me. If not, please consider adding this feature, I would even pay for that.

    Thanks a lot!

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    You may go to File->Open->Add a Place to integrate with the Dropbox/Google Drive .etc third-party cloud service, then open the PDF document from within Foxit then change and save. Then you could also open Foxit PDF Editor for Mobile to add Dropbox/Google Drive or other cloud service then open the PDF document from the cloud then change and save.