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Unable to few play audio files inserted via Foxit Reader in Adobe Acrobat.

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  • crash Unable to few play audio files inserted via Foxit Reader in Adobe Acrobat.

    I inserted multiple 'audio files' and embedded them in the pdf by using Foxit Reader. Pls refer to the below link from slide share. All these audio files can be played using Foxit Reader/Editor only.

    Tajweed Rules with Audio (

    However, none of these can be played in Adobe Acrobat (Windows Version) except the first one on page 7/30. Little investigation led to the conclusion that I had inserted the first audio file by navigating to Home --> Audio & Video --> Add Audio & Video, while the rest of them were inserted by copying the first one and then editing it to change the audio file. I did this copy/paste work since it was easy to just copy the first one and edit the audio file.

    Is there a way to fix this so that all files play in Adobe acrobat too. Currently, as I mentioned all are playing in Foxit but only the first one plays in Acrobat. Help is highly appreciated.

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    I failed to download the files you provided. Is it possible to upload the audio file and the PDF document in question to a cloud service then share the download link with us? If is it inconvenient to include the link here, you may sumbit a ticket from this web page ( then send us the link.
    Also, which version of Foxit Reader are you having on your side? (You may check it by going to Help->About Foxit PDF Reader) Thank you.