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Exporting Highlighted Text - No spaces between words?

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  • Exporting Highlighted Text - No spaces between words?


    This is my first time using the PDF reader and I'm highlighting text to export it from the PDF document.
    When I export it to a txt file or csv file, all the words run together with no spaces between them. Is there a way to fix that?

    Thank you.

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    FluffynpinK, Regarding this issue you mentioned, please help to provide us with the PDF file in question for us to take a closer testing first. If it is not convenient to upload the document on the forum, please help to submit a ticket from our ticket submission center to attach the document for us (in the ticket subject please input Lisa attn there). The file you send will be kept confidential and only be used for internal testing. Look forward to your reply.
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      I keep tyring to submit a ticket but it says " To submit a new ticket with this email for the first time, please sign into Foxit Account with this email first and click on "Support Ticket" once."

      I am signed into this email though..


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        Sorry about that. Please try to access the help center: then browse to the bottom to submit a ticket to try again to see if you could submit the ticket fine? If not, please send a private message to Lisa or me to let us know your email address so we could send you an email. Thank you.
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          I sent Lisa a PM but haven't heard back and I tried sending you a PM but you have a setting on so that I can't PM you lol


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            FluffynpinK,I am sorry that I didn't notice your PM message in time. In the PM message, you provided me with your contact email address. I have just sendt you an email there (ticket ID#237503) , please check your inbox and then provide us with the PDF file sample by just replying to that email. Look forward to your receiving the document from you.