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How to put single buttons onto Quick Access Toolbar?

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  • How to put single buttons onto Quick Access Toolbar?

    How do i put single buttons of commands onto the QAT? I seem to be only able to put main menu's on there and it is infuriating to have a massive step back in usability and efficiency in this regard?

    e.g. i cant seem to put a single "Line Weights" button on there like i used to just a "View Settings' menu that is THREE presses deep instead of one. ANd this goes for MANY commands i cannot simply put them directly on there. How can i do this? i've had enough of this annoyance! I can't just put "Rotate Right" and "Rotate Left" on QAT and press them to rotate the damn page as i am forced to put a "Rotate View" button that i have to click once to show a "Rotate View" button that i have to click again to bring up two options and then click Left or Right. This is ridiculous and i can't believe anyone that uses damn software would not get instantly pissed off with such a UI and usability step backwards and pointless actions.

    What haver i missed? Is single commands buried somewhere i can't find because there is no search for UI elements?

    Thanks for any tips if anyone knows.

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    HoffY May I know what's version of Foxit PDF Reader installed on your end? I can add those single buttons onto QAT in v12.0.1 Foxit, and all of them can be clicked from QAT to work directly. Attached picture for reference.
    Can you please right-click the single button and select "Add to Quick Access Toolbar"? Thanks.
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      Hi amanda_liang,

      Thanks for your response. The version is v12.0.0.12394.

      Perhaps it is just difficult for me to find the icons in the lists. All i could find was the main buttons so i thought thats all i could put there.‚Äč So it look slike the trick is to right click a button and add via that shortcut.