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The editing shortcuts do not work in full screen on macos

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  • The editing shortcuts do not work in full screen on macos

    I am a new mac user. Foxit reader on windows was making me capable of using all the editing tools shortcuts including the area highlight and pencil in the full screen mode. This is not available on mac os version. Once you enter in the full screen. It is only for previewing and I have to go back and forth just for editing.
    I guess someone here had the same problem and it was reported under #MACLNX-10680

    I hope if someone finds a solution because I cannot even use a software for running windows apps on mac

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    In windows, I do it using shortcuts in the full screen.
    I make shortcuts using the ribbon editing tools and use them easily in the full screen mode


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      ggg-fff, Thanks for sending us your feedback about the situation that you encountered under the full-screen mode. Currently, there is not any way to exit the hand tool and switch to another tool under the full-screen mode in Foxit PDF Editor for Mac yet. For this situation, I have submitted the suggestion "Support to use shortcuts to switch into another tool for editing document in Foxit PDF Editor for Mac like the windows version does" as a new feature request to our product management team's reference with suggestion ID#MACLNX-11247 ,so they will take a note of it during planning for the future releases.

      Any further questions or concerns,please contact us again at any time.