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    I'm using Foxit Reader

    After I do an advanced search of a directory of PDFs, New Search defaults to the subdirectory of the last document I had open. Mildly annoying.

    If I want to search the parent directory, I have to go all the way back to the Browse dialogue. Why? Because the pathnames on suggested directories are too long to read, there's no way to click on them and go to end of line see which directory, and there's no tooltip that will show me the directory name when I hover.

    So back to the Browse I go and schlep back through the same steps to get to the same directory, having lost the index generated by the previous search.

    Is there some workaround for this absurdity? Having to repeatedly search through several hundred PDFs one term at a time is slow and maddening.

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    WhyJustWhy To better understand the question, can you please submit a ticket and enclose some screenshot picture for reference? Because I've made test as the description and did not reproduce it. Can you help, please? Thanks.


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      Google thinks doesn't exist when I try to submit a ticket.

      Cursor was hovering over the selected line in the first screenshot.

      With no tooltip, I can't read the full path of the directory, so I can't be sure of which directory it is.

      The second screenshot is from trying to search for a new term and it's defaulted to the directory of the last document I opened rather than the parent directory I was searching.


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        WhyJustWhy Update ticket link.
        1. To read the full path of the directory, I've forwarded the requirement to our team for improving, tracking ID#PHANTOM-17447. Any update will inform you.
        2. For new search, it will restore to the selected directory. If you want to open parent directory. Can you please change it by manually?


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          I can. It's just annoying to do it again and again and lose any temporary index the search generated.


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            WhyJustWhy Could you please browse and select the parent directory? then it will be listed under browse history, and you're able to select it from there directory. Thanks.
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