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How can I go to a specific page without using my mouse?

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  • How can I go to a specific page without using my mouse?

    I want to go to a specific page by number. I want to do so from the keyboard without using my mouse.

    In Adobe DC, it is menu, View, Page Navigation, Go to page. You get a dialog box where you can enter a page number. The short cut is ctrl-shift-n.On Adobe, I think this has worked forever.

    In Foxit 2.1, a really good version, it is menu, Document, go to page. The shortcut is also ctrl-shift-n.

    Alas, in Foxit, unlike Foxit 2, this no longer works.

    I found a post about control-g doing this. I tried it. It didn't work.

    I wasted some more time on this effort and discovered that control-g works only when the status bar is displayed. If frequently you read documents with content that the status bar covers, as I do, and you keep the status bar off, you have to use the mouse to get the status bar in order to use control-g.

    This sucks.

    If there some way to get the old go to page dialog box back or something equivalent?

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    Henry Jones I've submitted the feedback to our team for checking, tracking ID# PHANTOM-17445. Any update will inform you, thanks.


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      One solution to this problem would be for control G to display the status bar when hidden. When you think about it, you have to ask, why isn't there already a shortcut way to display the status bar from the keyboard when hidden. If there is, I haven't found it. Control G does nothing on my system when the status bar is hidden. Extending control G would address two problems and sounds like an easy, low risk programming change.

      This solution requires one other programming change. You would need a way to turn the status bar back off from the keyboard. The escape key would be the natural way to do that. When you think about that, you again have to ask, why doesn't the escape key already do that when you have set auto hide and the focus is in the page field in the status bar?

      I think the ideal solution would be to bring back ctrl-shift-n from Foxit version 2 because that would make Foxit compatible with Adobe Acrobat DC. Extending control G and escape would also work.‚Äč


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        Dear Henry,
        Yes, I agree with you and the request has been forwarded to our PM team for future evaluation, hope it will be considered in future release soon, thanks.