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Thunderbird integration and problem sending mail

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  • Thunderbird integration and problem sending mail

    I would like to be able to email PDFs from Foxit Reader, using my default email client Thunderbird. I seem to recall being able to do so from a version of Foxit in the past, but when I attempt it now, I receive an error "Error occurred when trying to send the mail. Error code 00000002".

    I am using Office 365, and can email files in PDF format from Word and Excel, using Thunderbird.

    As Foxit Reader is my PDF default for all PDF work on this machine, including browsers, it would be useful if the mail feature, using Thunderbird, could be made to work.

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    Ironsides Which version of Foxit Reader do you have? Please go to Help> About Foxit PDF Reader to check it.


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      I'm using FR

      I have been looking at this in more detail.

      The problem seems in some way connected to how I open the files. If I go to File Explorer or my preferred Free Commander, and open the file from either (FR being the default for PDF files), and then try to email the file, it sometimes and works and sometimes not. However, if I open FR, browse to the file and open it from within FR, it more often than not is sent to Tbird for email.

      FR, like most other programmes, probably hooks into Windows Explorer when the user wants to browse to and select a file. This probably explains a lot, and I suspect that the cause of this occasional problem is to be found in Free Commander.
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