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Disappearing lines on printed pdf files

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  • FAQ Disappearing lines on printed pdf files


    My problem is that what I can see on a pdf file is not what I get when I print it. Some lines at the bottom of the document disappear when I print it.
    Maybe one example would be helpful.
    Here is a jpeg from a pdf file

    And the result when i print it (please look at the bottom of the jpeg)

    It certainly has somethnig to do with whit the printing preferences.
    But I tried so many options whithout success that I no more clue.

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    Hi 75GLob,

    Before printing, please open "Print" dialog, go under "File"->"Print"->untick "Print as Image" and try again. If the issue persists, please send us a copy of the mentioned PDF document for testing purpose and the version info of your current Foxit Reader. You may also choose to send the PDF document to [email protected]. Attention: Cherry. Thank you.