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  • cherry
    Hi metafurionx,

    Thanks for your post. May we get a PDF sample for internal testing only? If it is inconvenient to attach here, please send us a copy to [email protected] so we could further analyze it.

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  • metafurionx
    started a topic Bug Search order issue

    Search order issue

    It occurs sometimes that the text search goes from the bottom to the top of the page.

    I'm a developer using Jasper Reports to generate PDF documents in my application, and just got this report from a Foxit Reader's user. Other PDF applications seem to be doing fine.
    As Jasper's layering demands me to put the bottommost element in the beginning of the list to the topmost element in the end, it's getting me the text search as:
    Page #1, "Element #3 with text", "Element #2 with text", "Element #1 with text", Page #2, "Element #3 with text", "Element #2 with text", "Element #1 with text", Page #3, etc.
    To have my layering upside down should solve it, but unfortunately I can't, because it'd switch elements from front and back.

    This leads me to conclude that the text search order in your PDF application runs according to the elements layering.
    I'd suggest instead that you guys do it going through the elements from their xy position: from top-left to bottom-right, then looking into the text inside each element.

    Hope you guys look into this, thanks in advance.