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  • Bug Date Format on Printing


    I am having trouble where we print from FoxIT reader and if there is a date on there, the print out comes out as 12 00:00:00
    The on the Document on the screen is showing the format of DD\MM\YYYY
    Printer preview also shows the date as 12 00:00:00

    The PDF Doco are our pay slips that are viewed in PDF format

    Have tried 3 different versions of FoxIT and not change
    We run primarily on a citrix environment using Windows XP, 7, Server 2003,2008,2010 and all doing the same thing
    Have tried FoxIT locally on a machine and no change
    Also saved the PDF first then reopen in FoxIT

    Using adobe and that prints out fine

    The servers and local machines Regional Date/Time settings are setup correctly in UK format.

    Can not locate anything on FoxIT to check that setup

    Has anyone come across this or know a fix?


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    @James ,

    Thanks for reporting this, may we have a look at the file sample for further analysis?The file you send us is only for internal use, thank you.