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List of keyboard shortcuts in Foxit Reader?

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  • FAQ List of keyboard shortcuts in Foxit Reader?

    Where can I find a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for Foxit Reader? The list appended to the user manual is incomplete (it says literally "Some particularly important ones are listed here").

    In particular, I would like to know the shortcuts for the highlighter and the callout tools.


    Unrelated question to the moderators: Why was my previous account "MinMat" banned?

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    You can right click toolbar->customize->keyboard and set the custom shortcuts you like.
    Regarding your previous account, i am afraid it has been banned by mistake, i have lift it, please check.


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      Thanks and thanks.

      I didn't find the shortcut settings because they are under Tools-->Customize Toolbars-->Keyboard. Maybe this "Customise Toolbars" entry should be renamed to make it more intuitive, since "Keyboard" has nothing to do with "Toolbars".

      PS: There's a slight glitch in the keyboard shortcut system: I tried to assign individual letter keys (without modifiers such as Ctrl or Alt) and it worked. However, this messes up text entry, e.g. in annotations, because the keyboard shortcut is triggered whenever the assigned key is pressed. This should be avoided, either by not allowing to assign individual keys without modifier as shortcuts, or by by ignoring shortcut commands while the caret is in a text input field.
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        Hi MinMat,
        Thank you for the feedback, i have forwarded it to our QA team for future reference, report id:35344
        Hope it will be improved in future update.


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          Well, my question originally was the same as this one, but has since morphed into a different one...

          I mapped the Hand, Highlight, and Underline tools to the H, Y, and U keys respectively. I was immensely pleased with how easy this made to markup the articles I was reading, right up until I encountered a problem. When I double-clicked on a highlighted section in order to add comments to my highlight, I found that the H, Y, and U keys no longer worked when trying to type normally inside of the comment note. Is there a workaround for this, because I LOVED being able to use the single hotkeys to switch between tools, and find it pretty darn near stupid that it screws up note taking ability. Yes, I know I could just switch them to Ctrl-H, Ctrl-Y, Ctrl-U, but it's stupid that I should have to.

          All that said, I Love Foxit with a capital "L".


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            Hi samu0034,

            I've added your comments to Report ID#35344 and send out a reminder to corresponding tester and developer for processing.