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creating a link to a worksheet

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  • FAQ creating a link to a worksheet


    i use foxit reader and i think by far is the best soft available

    but i still didn find how to open a excel file direct to a specific worksheet

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    Do you mean you want to insert a link to Excel file within existing pdf file with Foxit Reader?If yes, please just go to Edit->Links to point to the Excel file you need to open, but it is no way to open any specific worksheet directly.


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      I dont have problem creating a link to a xls file
      but what i want is to go directly to a worksheet.
      in word is easy just add in front of .xls#worksheetname
      if it dont work in Foxit, i consider a missing function, of such great program
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        We have forwarded it as suggestion to our PM team for future references, report id:JR1016


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          ok, i hope in the next versions this function will be added,


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            can anyone know any alternative??

            i want to insert a link in a pdf to excel sheet


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              Microsoft Excel allows data from a number of different worksheets and spreadsheets to be linked into a single sheet to summarize data from several sources. Formulas can be created that span different sources and calculations can be made using a combination of local and linked information. Link data to Excel from other spreadsheets and keep the information up to date without the need to edit multiple locations every time the data changes. Display data from multiple departments for an overview of details without sharing information between sources.


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                i already have multiple excel files connected
                but i need to create a pdf that directs for worksheet

                this is my maisn goal right now
                a pdf to worksheet


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                  Sorry it is no way to do that with current version, we have forwarded your feedback to our PM team for references, hope they will consider it in future.