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    Hi all,

    I frequently open different sets of documents depending on the task I'm working on, and it would be very helpful for Foxit Reader to be able to save those sets (ideally with each document open to the page I left it at and in the view I was using), rather than have to open everything again (or have huge numbers of documents open all the time). Notepad++ is one example of a program with this feature.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    Take care,


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    Hi Buzko,

    Please open Foxit Reader->go under "File"->"Preferences"->"History"->tick "Restore last session when application starts" and see if this option is what you're looking for. Thank you.


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      This option fails to work properly many times, unfortunately. Reader opening with no tab at all frequently happens and with recent list limited to 10 items, I sometimes need to delve into the hard disk in order to search for the documents that were open when the reader closed the last time. Two possible fixes:
      - increase the recent list max item to 100;
      - introduce a manual save session option and a way to recall it (for i.e. in the way Firefox does).
      Foxit Reader


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        Hi m.m,

        Do you have both "Restore last session when application starts" and "Restore last view settings when reopening" selected? Recent Documents list is not the save session limitation, the list can be checked by going under "File". Could you please kindly send us more details about the problem you encountered? How many documents been opened and how many could be restored when application starts? Thank you.
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          Hi cherry, thank you for your quick reply and sorry for my delay, I didn't subscribed the thread, so I wasn't immediately aware of your contribution. I'll try to reply to your questions.
          - "Restore last session when application starts" and "Restore last view settings when reopening" are always selected.
          - I've usually 3 or 4 documents opened. They are usually very large documents (up to 300/400 pages) that I'm currently reading. When the restore fails, I've no documents displayed. I cannot identify a clear pattern when restore fails. I suspect that it happens when I open the reader by double-clicking on a .pdf on explorer, but I need confirmation of that behaviour.
          - A couple of days ago I changed the toolbar from ribbon mode to classic mode and I've never experienced any restore failure since then, when it happened almost every day before. It needs confirmation as well.

          I'll update in a week or so when I'll have more data.

          Foxit Reader - Win7 x86 SP1


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            Hi m.m,

            Thanks for your update. We're now beta testing Foxit Reader beta 7.0 and the new release should be available next month if everything goes well. May I encourage you to give Foxit Reader 7.0 a try then and see if you could replicate the issue?


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              Hi cherry, I'll try the new 7 version for sure, but were you referring to the beta version? I confirm you that with classic mode toolbar I didn't suffer any restore failure on the last three days. Consider that I open Foxit Reader dozens of times every day. To confirm that behaviour I've just switched again to ribbon mode, though a prefer the classic mode, to try to replicate the failure. I'll update asap.


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                Sorry for multiple posts. There's something wrong in the forum. The new posts aren't displayed though they were accepted and counted (9 in total but only 6 displayed). I can successfully login but I cannot access my profile and user settings.


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                  Thanks m.m.


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                    This post just for an update. I went back to ribbon some days ago, but the restore failure didn't happen again. So, it doesn't seems related to ribbon/classic toolbar.


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                      Hi m.m,

                      Did you log into your computer as an administrator? Or did you run Foxit Reader as administrator?


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                        Dear all,

                        On the latest version of Foxit PDF Reader, you need to go to Edit > Preferences > Choose "Documents" > Stick on "Restore last view settings when reopening documents

                        Hope this helps!



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                          Thank you!!!