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Windows tasks tab out of access

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  • Bug Windows tasks tab out of access

    Please find below the known prerequisites for problem reproducibility.
    * Foxit Reader (other software does not show the problem)
    * Current available release version of Foxit Reader
    * Readers started and open in a maximized window, it is not about full-screen
    * Foxit Reader menu tab in Ribbon mode, however I had rare cases of the problem in non-Ribbon mode as well
    * No other windows overlap Foxit Reader window
    * Windows tasks tab auto-hide enabled
    * Windows tasks tab set to be always in foreground
    Tested has it been on Windows 7 64Bits.

    Problem: As soon as and as long as Foxit Reader is open and in foreground.
    The Windows own tasks tab is not visible, nor accessible. One can't display it
    by to hove the mouse cursor over screens down edge.
    One need to minimize Foxit Reader in order to get access to Windows tasks bar.
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    Hi on foxiting,

    Which version of Foxit Reader you're having this problem with?


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      I have this same issue - using It's very irritating.


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        Hi Moto Tom,

        This issue has been forwarded to Reader QA team for processing. Report ID#: 56233. You may write to [email protected] with this ID# to track the processing status. Thank you.


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          Hi Guys,

          FYI. This issue has been fixed in Foxit Reader version 7.0. Currently Foxit Reader 7.0 is under beta testing.