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Adware installed with Foxit reader

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  • Bug Adware installed with Foxit reader

    I installed Foxit Reader the other day on my new laptop and since then noticed strange behavior of the web browsers... Long story short, turns out that open candy has installed pureleads.exe which integrated in my browser and started trying to trick me into believing that I won some free stuff and how I only have to pay shipping to get it...
    It took me hours to clean up that mess.

    I am usually very careful when I am installing programs and pay attention to install screens and i do not remember seeing anything about pureleads when installing foxit. I am not 100% sure though and it is possible that I missed it.

    I understand that the software is "free" and that you guys have to make some money, but still... this was a bit over the top.
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    Hi djansr,
    Sorry to hear this. Opencandy is a third party software bundled and it will not harm your system, but provide you with an offer of a third party product. They are not mandatory to be installed. In the process of installing Foxit Reader, you shall have an Offer Screen which allows you to Accept or Reject the bundled tool, and you can un-check the option to choose not to install the recommended tool. If you don't, could you please kindly let us know if it is a new install or you update to version 6.2 from older version?
    To uninstall Opencandy, you may go to "Control Panel"->"Add/Remove Programs". Thank you.