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  • Freezing

    Hi Guys,

    First time here 'cos I'm having a hassle.....I have been using Foxit free reader for the last twelve months or so and it has worked very well, but recently I am having to do some checking of saved pdf's for legal reasons and my Foxit reader is allowing me to open and read one or two files (one at a time) and then it freezes and will not open any more files, I have updated to the latest version but the problem is persisting and when this happens I cannot open Foxit AT ALL, that includes the start menu, desktop icon or file.

    The only way I have been able to solve this hassle is to turn off the computer and restart then I am back to square one, and another few pdf files before it freezes again.

    All other programs work and are not affected when the Foxit freezes and I was wondering whether anyone else out there has experienced this????

    I am running win 7 pro with a I7 3930Mhz CPU on an X79S gigabyte Mobo and 64Gb ram


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    Hi desdichato,
    Please check if you have Foxit Cloud Reading listed in "Control Panel"->"Add/Remove Programs", if you do, please uninstall it and give it a try. If the issue persists, please make a screenshot of the processes in the task manager and send to us. Thank you.