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Feature Request: Larger bookmark font

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  • Feature Request: Larger bookmark font

    Foxit Reader is fantastic. Thank you! However, the small font size of the bookmarks list is barely readable on high-resolution monitors, which I just (sadly) confirmed on the Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3. Higher resolution devices have been shown to reduce eyestrain (see New York Times article: but Foxit Reader doesn't apparently take advantage of it.

    To combat this, Adobe Acrobat has a bookmark size option. Could you add a similar option, as a simple fix?

    Perhaps a longer-term(?) approach would be something like what Adobe is doing in their latest Acrobat release: Hi-DPI support

    [COLOR=#000000]Acrobat and Reader now take advantage of Hi-DPI monitors and can scale the user interface to 200%. This is automatically enabled using system settings and can be customized by choosing Preferences > General > Scale for screen resolution. The value is set to Auto by default and can be forced to 100% or 200%. Other items such as the font size, menu items, and drop down lists are controlled by the user

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    Hi mellowyellow,

    Thanks for putting this foward. I've forwarded your comments as suggestion to Reader PM team for processing. Suggestion ID#: READER-2029.


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      I also have the same problem. Great software. In FHD screen, everything looks fine except the bookmark and comment section in navigation pane. It's too small to read!