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  • Multiple Windows and Tabs

    It seems like I can either open documents in tabs or open each document in separate windows.
    I would like to do both.
    When reviewing schematics, I want to have the schematic open in one window and datasheets/manuals open in another window.
    I can sort of make it work if I set preference to not allow multiple instances and open all the documents first, then change the preference and open the schematic.
    I can then change it back and whichever window is selected, newly opened docs will be added to it.

    Would be better if I could just drag a tab out to create a new window and drag tabs between windows to move them.
    This would be similar to how Firefox tabs work.

    Would like to be able to save a group of windows and tabs to reopen them at a later date to continue the review.


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    Hi brettdog,

    I've forwarded your comments to Reader PM team so we could consider to support draging a tab out to create a new window and drag between windows to move them. Suggestion ID#: READER-2028.

    BTW, In previous Foxit Reader 2.3 version, it supports to open multiple PDF documents in different windows within Foxit Reader. If you'd like to give it a try, please write to [email protected]. Attn: Cherry. Thank you.


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      I'm sorry if maybe I should not post in a 3 years old topic, however my intention was to join brettog in requesting the tab groups feature (something like Firefox Tab Groups extension). It would be very useful when working with a large amount of pdf files at the same time.

      Thank you for your time!


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        Thanks for your post. I've also forwarded your comments to our PM team for processing reference. Suggestion ID#: PHANTOM-4176. If everything goes well, it should be supported in version 9.0. Thank you.


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          Bump. I, too, would find this very useful.


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            RogerC60 Thanks for the post. Have included you comment to the feature tracking system. We will manage to support the function in future version.


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              Hi Guys,

              I want to share the great news that Foxit Reader/PhantomPDF version 9.4.0 has already supported to tear a new tab as a new Window and manage the tabs. You're welcome to download version 9.4.0 from Foxit website ( and give the new feature a try at your convenience. Thank you.